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When you have cosmetic or physical problems with your teeth – anything from discolorations and small chips to large fractures that make eating and speaking difficult – you have a wealth of cosmetic restoration options from which you can choose.

One of the most popular is dental crowns, and today we’ll take a look at why, when, and how they’re used.

Why they’re used

Crowns are used to restore the biting surface of your tooth. They’ll often be used in place of other restorative options like implants, bridges, or veneers if the affected tooth is healthy enough that it doesn’t require more work than restoring the biting surface.

When they’re used

Crowns are used after damage or tooth decay affects your teeth. From cracks and fractures to large cavities, crowns are used to address a number of issues.

How are they used?

Crowns are pretty simple. A crown is made based off an impression of your teeth, taken by your dentist here at Personal Dental Care in Richmond, Virginia, and then cemented into place. Once inserted, crowns last as long as you’re willing to take care of them.

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