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There are a few very good reasons as to why you can’t skip your regular exams with your dentist here at Personal Dental Care in Richmond, Virginia. While you can have good oral health on your own, you can’t have great oral health unless you come in every six months for a cleaning and checkup.

To help you understand the importance of these exams, our team put this post together to list a few facts that illustrate why you need to see our team every six months.

Prevents cavities

When a cavity begins to form in one of your teeth, it’s often so small that you can’t even recognize it’s there. However, when you come into our office, we’ll X-ray your teeth and be able to detect these problems far earlier than you can. This helps stop cavities before they get too big, which really stops tooth decay and other oral health problems right in their tracks.

Cleans what you can’t

A routine exam also cleans tartar from your teeth. Tartar is hardened plaque, and you can’t remove it on your own at home. However, our team here is exceptionally skilled at tartar removal and can get it off your teeth before it has the chance to cause gingivitis or other oral health problems.

If you haven’t had an exam in a while, then don’t put it off any longer. Call us today at 804-554-3767 to schedule your next exam and get your oral health in tip-top shape.