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A root canal is often regarded as one of the most uncomfortable dental procedures one can undergo. While it’s true that the reason you need a root canal can cause serious pain (root canals treat tooth decay) the procedure itself isn’t as painful as it used to be. If your dentist recommends you have a root canal performed, you shouldn’t worry – it’ll likely save your tooth and you won’t be in too much discomfort during the procedure.

A root canal is designed to fix problems with your dental pulp. Dental pulp is the soft tissue that lives inside your teeth and contains all the nerves, blood vessels, and tissue your teeth need to function properly. However, when a tooth becomes infected – either through decay or an abscess – you’ll likely need a root canal to save your tooth. If the pulp starts to die, so will your tooth.

Tooth decay is why you’ll need a root canal. You can combat this risk by sticking to a strict oral health regimen. Our team here at Personal Dental Care in Richmond,Virginia can help you establish an oral health regimen if you need that service.

Now, a root canal is performed by taking the top of your tooth off and accessing the pulp inside. The infected pulp is removed, and then any part of your tooth touched by infected pulp is thoroughly cleaned. Then, a crown is created to replace the top of your tooth that was removed during the process.

If you’re worried that you may have a tooth, or teeth, in need of root canal, don’t delay treatment any longer. Call us today and schedule your appointment. Our number is 804-554-3767.