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For multiple reasons – from not taking care of your oral health, or to bad genes that led to oral health issues – you may end up in a situation where your mouth needs a lot of restorative dentistry in order to help it function like it used to.

This process is known as full mouth restoration, and it’s a service we’re happy to offer from our skilled team here at our Personal Dental Care office in Richmond, Virginia.

What is it?

If you come to see Dr. for restorative dentistry work, and he determines that your oral health problems require multiple procedures to fix, your appointment technically becomes a full mouth restoration. For example, if you have damaged teeth along with jawbone damage, those are two separate – yet related – issues that you’ll need to address with different procedures.

How often is it performed?

A full mouth restoration isn’t a procedure taken lightly at Personal Dental Care. It’s a time and labor-intensive method of restoration that only qualified patients receive. You need to be healthy enough to handle the multiple procedures, in addition to having a commitment to great oral health so the restoration work isn’t done in vain.