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Fluoride is an oft-debated topic, but the truth is that it’s highly recommended for daily use in your oral health routine. Fluoride is a key ingredient to keeping optimal oral health, and our team here at Personal Dental Care put this piece together to inform you of the real benefits of fluoride.

Restores enamel

Fluoride’s biggest benefit is the fact that it helps restore the enamel of your teeth. Enamel, or the outer layer, is important because if it erodes too much you’ll end up with cavities. Daily use of fluoride – such as a fluoride toothpaste – helps combat the effects of enamel erosion from daily food.

Prevents cavities

As mentioned above, when you have strong, healthy enamel you’re less likely to have cavities. Fluoride plays a big part in preventing cavities, and it’s shown to be especially effective for young children.

Promotes good oral health

Lastly, fluoride does a good job of cleaning up your mouth and ridding it of excess plaque and other bacteria that cause gum disease and other oral health issues.

If you think you could benefit from added fluoride to your daily oral health routine, please call us today at 804-554-3767 for more information on how to incorporate it in a safe, healthy manner.