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Your smile is one of the first things anyone will notice about when you meet them for the first time. That makes teeth whitening an imperative procedure – but how often have you tried to whiten your teeth and failed to get the results you were looking for?
That’s not uncommon, and the good news is that our team of professionals at Personal Dental Care here in Richmond, Virginia, can help you get the white smile your teeth deserve.
Let’s see how that’s possible.

In-office whitening
A lot of the frustration caused by at-home whitening products are due to the fact that they take much longer to get your teeth white than in-office solutions. The biggest difference between what you buy at the grocery store and the whitening products Dr. will use on your smile is the strength of the whitening solutions. You can’t buy these powerful whitening products at the store.

It’s quicker
Because the whitening products at our office are stronger than what you’ll buy at a store, it’s possible to whiten your smile up to eight shades in just one appointment. If you have a big business meeting or an important first date, a quick whitening appointment can be just the thing to give your smile a kick to looking better than ever before.
If you’re ready to whiten your smile, call us today at 804-554-3767.